Newsletter no.2 issued May / 2020

Creating strong shopping experiences with POS media

Successful sales at the POS are significantly linked to “having fun shopping”. This is shown, among other things, by the current Corona trade tracker by EY-Parthenon and Innofact: 63 percent of the consumers regularly surveyed say that shopping is no fun under the current circumstances. The cause is obvious: Masks, ...


Newsletter no.1 January/2020

Permaplay’s world of screens at Euroshop 2020

Permaplay Media Solutions in Baden-Baden will participate in this year’s leading fair Euroshop 2020 in Düsseldorf. Besides the reliable and endurance tested 7” to 43” screens, the focus will be on touchscreens devices with Android technology and networked digital signage systems with up-date via the cloud...


Newsletter no.5 issued December/2019

Retail Trend 2020: Back to the inner cities in networked Power POS areas

Whether large furniture stores, car showrooms, consumer electronics giants or well-known DIY chains: The kings of the “green fields”, as well as mail-order giants like Amazon, are pushing into the inner cities with small fine business premises in first-rate locations. This is mainly due to the networking possibilities offered by digital E-commerce and the customers’ new consumer habits. Permaplay Managing Director Werner Vogt knows what this means for the POS: “Flexible concepts offer consumers...


Newsletter Nr.04/2019

The Medial Customer Journey at the POS

More and more people are buying more and more products in more and more places. The exciting question “Who will win: stationary retailing or online trading?” has been discussed for years. Permaplay Media Solutions Managing Director Werner Vogt, however, is certain: “Both will win. The new trade structure is a complex system called New Retail.


Newsletter no.2 issued Mai/2019 for fashion

Digital Signage is big in fashion

Stationary fashion trade is under pressure from online competition. The solution: Interactive worlds of experience through digital signage promise enthusiastic customers at the POS. Permaplay Media Solutions helps with the implementation through a perfectly coordinated three-part practical concept for a sales-active customer journey.



Newsletter Nr.01/2019

Interactive networking for true sales success

Modern retail marketing is all about communicating the right offers to the customers at the right time and in the right place. “In order to ensure the greatest possible efficiency and sales speed, for example during campaigns and special placements, access to the respective POS media must be central, simple, timely and technically absolutely reliable,” explains Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Permaplay Media Solutions.


Newsletter Nr.04/2018

Trend 2019: The digitization of the stationary retail trade

For stationary retailers, it is no longer enough to think individually about e-commerce or other digital strategies. Instead, the focus is on networking online, mobile and offline channels and implementing a multichannel strategy, the so-called Omni-Channel Strategy.

But what do customers expect from stationary retail in terms of digitization?


Newsletter Nr.03/2018

Permaplay POS-TOUCH: the new Touch and Content Manager Software

In addition to its wide range of modern touch screens, Permaplay has developed the innovative POS software Permaplay POS-TOUCH, a new Touch Content Management system. Thus, all sales-relevant content can be displayed easily, without requiring any programming knowledge, on the (Android) touch screen for successful use at the POS. ...


Newsletter Nr.02/2018

Concrete improvements instead of premature system change

As the just ended Euro CIS has shown, customers today want the best of both worlds in terms of PoS marketing: personal advice from the analog and technological support from the digital world. If this symbiosis works out well, retailers can continue to offer their customers a first-class shopping experience in the future. Agreed! But do we always need the latest, most expensive and – often – immature technology? How long can and should one stick to well-known and reliable structures instead of betting on the latest trends? And how much return do we actually get “below the line” for investing in new systems? ...


Newsletter Nr.01/2018

The new multimedia shopping experience

Anyone who wants to survive as a brick-and-mortar dealer in the future must offer their customers a special shopping experience and a functioning online store. That’s a widely known fact. But the opposite is also true – and this is quite new: Anyone who wants to survive as an e-commerce retailer in the future needs an experience-oriented stationary POS structure – largely digitized. Companies like MyToys, Home24, Amazon or Zalando have already set up stores in shopping centers. Why is that? What has happened?...


Newsletter Nr.05/2017

Permaplay Video Brochure and Video Box: Perfect communication „out of the box – into the heart“

Just imagine: A high-quality brochure or information box in the form of a letter on your customer’s desk – and as soon as they open the cover (box) or the first page (brochure), they see and hear your advertising message in picture and sound. Fully concentrated and extremely intense, embedded in the context of a very powerful print design. That’s not possible? Sure it‘s possible: The new Permaplay ...


Newsletter Nr.04/2017

Three “royal routes” to your customers at the POS

Turning potentially interested people into buyers by providing them with sales-promoting information, precisely where the products are visible and tangible – this has been the main objective of media at the POS for decades. However, it is not the roles of the media that have changed, but the respective technologies for communication and thus the possibilities for manufacturers and trade to interact with end-users. ...


Newsletter Nr.03/2017

Excellently positioned for the future – strategically and technologically

The POS media company Permaplay Media Solutions in Baden-Baden is intensifying its activities by hiring a dynamic and competent manager, Findaria Sunardi. Together with managing director Werner Vogt, she will shape the future course of Permaplay. We talked to her about her new field of activity and about the success factors of offline and online communication that are most important for efficient marketing communication in the BtoB market. ...


Newsletter Nr.02/2017

Permaplay Tablets - Upgrading the Point of Sale

For three out of four customers, according to a study by the trade association HDE “Trends in Trade,” it is important in the future to be able to go shopping in the store. On the other hand, online trading is growing significantly – although at rather different rates in different lines of business. The ideal solution: To combine both and increase the attractiveness ...


Newsletter Nr.01/2017

Permaplay’s world of screens at Euroshop 2017

Permaplay Media Solutions in Baden-Baden will participate in this year’s leading fair Euroshop 2017 in Dusseldorf and present their new POS media. Besides the reliable and endurance-tested 4.3” to 43“ screens, the focus will be on touchscreen devices with Android technology and networked digital signage systems. Thousands of Permaplay devices have proven their reliability in daily POS use, thanks to mature technology and good service. ...


Newsletter Nr.05/2016

Permaplay Tablets: Interface between Online and POS

Three out of four customers, according to the new study by the trade association HDE “Trends in Trade 2015”, believe that in the future they will still go shopping in the store. On the other hand, online trading is growing significantly - although at very different rates in different lines of business. The royal road: To link both and increase the attractiveness ...


Newsletter Nr.04/2016

Tablets create touchpoints: Why touch displays trigger buying impulses

According to an eBay study, „The Future of Trade“, 79 percent of surveyed consumers would like to buy products they can take home right away – and 72 percent of those surveyed want to touch and try out the products. These are the expectations customers have regarding a POS – and how does the retail business respond to these good requirements?...


Newsletter Nr. 03/2016

Qualified POS media stop Showrooming

People are looking at products in local stores and ask for advice, then they leave and buy online. This customer behavior, also known as “Showrooming”, has become a real challenge for merchants. “Advice theft“ is the term many merchants use when they talk about showrooming, when consumers compare prices on their smartphones, look up product information and read other ...


Newsletter Nr.01/2016

Sound to the front - sales on the rise

The female consumer is approaching the special sales area. The products are presented visually attractive – literally the first step for generating more revenue. However, there is still a long way to go until the final purchase decision is made – but the distance is significantly reduced through the use of Permaplay screens with front speakers and individually configurable sensors. Any customer approaching the special area with integrated Permaplay screen will be detected by a sensor and ...