Permaplay offers numerous high-quality and robust networked models from 10 ”to 55”, all of which are developed and produced for use at the POS.


  These devices can also be connected to a network and thus the media content can be updated at any time via the Internet.


The Permaplay network connection is a cloud-based service supported by our Android screens. The screens in the shops can be updated and monitored via the Internet. However, this requires network access in the market.


Content Management System Program (CMS)


We provide the hardware / Android screens, the software for your PC to control the screens and the login information for the cloud connection. A monthly license fee for the cloud system is required for this.

Permaplay network signage have the following P.O.S. Functions:

  • Central management of video content and control (on / off, etc.) via the Internet (LAN / WLAN).
  • Monitoring of the screens via the central software.
  • All POS functions as with Permaplay Professional Line: automatic start when power is supplied, storage of set values ​​such as volume, etc.
  • Prepared for VESA mounting.




The Permaplay Professional screens allow the content to be updated via the Internet / cloud system via the Android media player  . In this way, the update can be adapted to the respective target group not only weekly or daily but also at the exact time of the day.

This technology is available for screen sizes 10 ", 14", 16 ", 18.5", 21.5 ", 27", 32 "and 43".