Newsletter Nr.05/2016

Permaplay Tablets: Interface between Online and POS


Baden-Baden, 9th December 2016


Three out of four customers, according to the new study by the trade association HDE “Trends in Trade 2015”, believe that in the future they will still go shopping in the store. On the other hand, online trading is growing significantly - although at very different rates in different lines of business. The royal road: To link both and increase the attractiveness of the POS. “Providing added value to the stationary retail business is one of the major trade trends in 2017,” according to Werner Vogt, managing director of Permaplay Media Solutions. “The primary focus is on improving customer support and service quality. 


Permaplay POS tablets are the perfect interface between online information and retail store; they support sales consultants competently and help to close a deal effectively during a meeting with the customer.” Information on individual products, availability, delivery times, variants, prices and much more can be accessed directly in the presence of the customer and, of course, products can be ordered immediately. “This means, the retailer provides the customer not just with detailed information, but with a strong visual experience as well,” as Werner Vogt knows from his own experience. Currently, Permaplay has more than 1,000 tablets in use with various partners at the POS/POI.


Permaplay offers a number of different, high-quality, rugged tablet models from 10” to 32”, all of which are developed and manufactured together with Permaplay for use at the POS. All units are equipped with functions such as auto start. An additional application, specially developed for the POS, allows access to previously selected HTML pages, apps and also allows the use of the media player. A USB update is possible via the Android APK Installer.


“Based on our experience to date and the results of relevant studies, we are very confident that tablets will bring a whole new quality standard in customer consultation and service to the POS.”  Werner Vogt is sure that this “motivates the seller, extends the retailer’s range of products and promotes sales overall.”

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