Newsletter Nr.04/2017

Three “royal routes” to your customers at the POS


Baden-Baden, 14th September 2017


Turning potentially interested people into buyers by providing them with sales-promoting information, precisely where the products are visible and tangible – this has been the main objective of media at the POS for decades. However, it is not the roles of the media that have changed, but the respective technologies for communication and thus the possibilities for manufacturers and trade to interact with end-users.


Permaplay offers their customers three different, tried and tested concepts for high-performance and revenue-generating POS communication: Linear LCD monitors, interactive POS media and networked POS media systems. Permaplay screens are available in sizes from 7” to 43”.

For many years, linear LCD screens have provided the proven basic technology for continuous use at the POS with all necessary POS functions. Technically advanced, easy to install, inexpensive and proven a hundred thousand times – this is how the “mother of all POS media that are still active today” can be described. 

Werner Vogt, managing director of Permaplay: “Even though linear devices with an endless loop still are in the majority at the POS, there is a clear trend towards interactive media, such as tablets. On the other hand, not all products and services are suitable for communication via an app; for this reason, linear media with the above-mentioned advantages will continue to play an important role in the POS media landscape in the future. The simpler and clearer the product message, the better the sales consultation through linear media.”

As a second option, Permaplay offers interactive POS media as Android-based tablets with touch  screen for playing apps, movies and (usually pre-set) HTML pages, of course with W LAN connection.

Moreover, these media are also suitable for offline presentation of apps or video films. Findaria Sunardi, marketing and sales manager at Permaplay: “We offer these POS media, which we have developed and optimized for the application, with all relevant features such as autostart or password protection. The great strength of interactive media is mainly the multimediality of advertising messages as well as the functionality of their operation.”


Last but not least, networked POS media systems from Permaplay offer the third and most powerful way to integrate end-users into the respective product and brand world. 

These systems consist of interactive and linear screens, where the screen contents are updated via a cloud-based system. “This POS media path to the customer allows the use of the entire range of modern communication functions. This applies to the daily adaptation of the promotional messages to different target groups. 

Especially in this area, the development is moving forward at a faster pace. Just think of the potentials of qualified facial recognition and, in general, of the latest perception physiology technologies,” says Werner Vogt, looking towards the future. 

All three approaches to reach customers through Permaplay POS media have in common technical stability and maturity, which is the result of focused product development, especially for POS use, as well as a perfected service system, which guarantees Permaplay‘s customers a unique all-round carefree package for their POS promotions.

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