Newsletter Nr.04/2016

Tablets create touchpoints: Why touch displays trigger buying impulses


Baden-Baden, 05th October 2016


According to an eBay study, „The Future of Trade“, 79 percent of surveyed consumers would like to buy products they can take home right away – and 72 percent of those surveyed want to touch and try out the products. These are the expectations customers have regarding a POS – and how does the retail business respond to these good requirements?

In the Customer Journey, local merchants are faced with new challenges, such as „Showrooming“. This means, there are more touchpoints and the POS serves as an event destination where brand and product come into contact with the shopper.

The technology used to trigger sales should address a large number of people and be suitable for long-term use, such as the interactive Permaplay displays of the professional series with built-in MPEG player for fast USB update and internal 8 GB memory (SD card), barcode, touch screen, automatic start, and storage of the set values such as volume, brightness and color. 


“These devices can be usedas information tools and product finders, and they support retailers actively during the sales talk. Because today it is hardly possible to remember all the details of all products at the POS. Our interactive displays help to provide the consulting expertise needed at the POS for the usually well informed customers. Numerous Permaplay clients were able to increase their sales significantly through this strategy in the past months,” said Werner Vogt.


The current display solutions and the counselling and information they provide are controlled by an Android-based software. Permaplay offers their clients a flexible and simple user interface. This software, developed by Permaplay based on decades of experience with media at the POS, is consistently tailored to the customers’ needs. “The optimized quality of information is a big plus of Android-based POS media,” according to Werner Vogt.

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