Newsletter Nr.02/2018

Concrete improvements instead of premature system change


Baden-Baden, 29th March 2018


As the just ended Euro CIS has shown, customers today want the best of both worlds in terms of PoS marketing: personal advice from the analog and technological support from the digital world. If this symbiosis works out well, retailers can continue to offer their customers a first-class shopping experience in the future. Agreed! But do we always need the latest, most expensive and – often – immature technology? How long can and should one stick to well-known and reliable structures instead of betting on the latest trends? And how much return do we actually get “below the line” for investing in new systems?

The triumphal march of the automobile began more than 100 years ago, marking one of the most far-reaching system changes in the economy and society: Horse and carriage disappeared from the streets in a short time. On the other hand, the new system, the car, is still highly up-to-date today and in the foreseeable future – because it has been steadily and continuously improved. In other words: One of the most innovative industries still relies on a system that is more than 100 years old in its basic structure.

The use of audiovisual equipment at the PoS is not quite that old. Over the past 50 years, we have not only watched the development of the relevant media with interest, but in many cases we have actively participated in this development: Slides, Super-8, Laser-Disc, CD-i, DVD up to current networked LCD systems and tablets – these media had different levels of performance, but they are all part of the system “Media for use at the PoS”. “Genuine system changes,” says Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Permaplay, “only make sense if the new system not only replaces the previous one, but significantly improves it. A realistic assessment covers aspects such as the technical feasibility at the PoS, the acceptance by the customers, as well as the financial feasibility in relation to the expected additional success.”

Permaplay has developed media sales systems that will continue to meet all requirements for revenue-generating media in the future. Fast USB update, automatic start, sound sensor, focused front speakers, HDMI connection or pre-assembled external power supply to prevent loss of power: These and many other features are the result of decades of experience in the continuous development of the most suitable media at the PoS.


“Over the next five years, the Permaplay PoS media will be optimized further, making it the best solution to easily sell more at the PoS. If at some point the PoS not only changes, but completely reinvents itself – similar to the change from the coach to the car in the past – then we will also offer our customers completely new systems. In terms of PoS marketing, we are absolutely in tune with customers‘ needs. A decision for Permaplay is a decision for the future and the sustainable success at the PoS,” commented Werner Vogt.

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