Newsletter no.4 issued October / 2020

The little ones that stand out


Baden-Baden, 4th December 2020

Many marketing managers ask themselves every day: How do I attract potential customers’ attention at the POS? How do I differentiate myself from my competitors? How can I present myself with flexible content to promote sales in my product category? And how do I get simple and inexpensive answers to these questions?

Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Permaplay Media Solutions, provides a clear answer: “At the POS, where many offers usually fight for the customers’ attention, the first priority for brands is visibility for consumers. But just because something is on the shelf does not mean that it is visible and attracts the desired attention. The brand new digitally networkable Permaplay shelf-mounted LCD screens, based on Android technology, have already been used with great success in their first applications.


This almost 60 cm long digital bar attracts a lot of attention and promotes the customer's purchase decision directly at comfortable eye level. Changing colored information or videos in best quality provide additional buying impulses directly at the product.” Directly at the product – this is an essential factor in converting brand visibility and information about a product into actual sales.

The sales power of display promotions is also confirmed by a study conducted by the University of Siegen: Display promotion buyers not only stay longer in the store, but during this time they also look at a disproportionately large number of products, pick them up and put them in their shopping cart.



In other words: The conversion rate increases enormously through direct sales promotion on the product: If we compare the conversion rates with and without sales promotion, the former achieve a conversion rate of 17.1 percent during a promotion, according to the Siegen study; in comparison, the average rate of the same articles without promotion is 10.1 percent. As a result of the sales promotion measures, conversion rates rose by an average of 69%. “These figures and our many years of experience come to the same conclusion: The closer the promotional display is to the product, the more successful the sales promotion,” explains Findaria Sunardi, Marketing and Sales Manager at Permaplay.


Specifically: With the Permaplay shelf-mounted LCD screens (P23KD01LCDBAR), Permaplay Media Solutions offers a high-quality, space-saving product with a built-in Android-based interactive system. The 23.1 inch IPS panel impresses with high brightness and thus attracts a lot of attention directly at the products.

The sturdy metal housing with the dimensions 587.60 mm x 60.40 mm ensures a long service life, as do the electronic components, which have been extensively tested for POS suitability. “Easy-to-use” and digitally networkable, Permaplay Media Solutions' shelf LCD display provides a clear and effective answer to the initial questions about the most effective POS communication.

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