Newsletter no.3 Nov / 2022

Effective, energy-saving and reliable delivery: the Permaplay POS media lineup for successful Christmas sales


Baden-Baden, 9th of Nov, 2022

Good news from Permaplay Media Solutions: "After the Corona bottlenecks, our technology partners in the Far East are once again fully capable of production and delivery," says Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Permaplay Media Solutions. "This means we can deliver our entire lineup of proven and new POS media at short notice for retailers and manufacturers in Europe as of now and before the important Christmas business – even in large quantities."


Permaplay's lineup of POS media currently includes professional and standard line linear LCD monitors, interactive POS media and networked Android POS media systems ranging in size from 7" to 55", each with or without touch functionality. Permaplay L-Type screens in 16" and 21.5" sizes in 16:9 format provide special attention at selective POS points such as shelves and offer state-of-the-art technology for multifunctional use. More information about the entire Permaplay portfolio is available at


Another piece of good news: In connection with the ongoing discussion concerning energy savings, a discussion about the power consumption of monitors has also arisen with regard to the use of POS media. Werner Vogt explains: "All Permaplay LCD monitors are equipped with LED backlight and thus have a particularly low power consumption. For example, a 10" screen consumes only 1 KW in 350 hours, which corresponds to a period of more than 1 month of store opening hours. A much larger 21.5" screen consumes 1 KW in 55 hours, which equals one week of store opening hours. "But Permaplay POS media not only consume very little energy, they also ensure increased sales – and recoup their costs several times over. Permaplay will be happy to advise all partners in detail about the energy-saving concepts for media at the POS.

The third piece of good news is that, particularly in difficult and, from the consumer's point of view, uncertain times, the use of multimedia at the POS can make a significant contribution to giving end customers the confidence in brands and products they need to make a purchase decision by providing them with targeted information. "Our discussions with our partners from the retail sector show that consumers at the POS currently want to be informed on important points such as benefits, sustainability and energy balance on the one hand, but on the other hand they want to be led to the final purchase decision by emotional messages at the POS. POS media with convincing content quite simply perform this task best," says Werner Vogt.


And last but not least, good news for our company: Findaria Sunardi-Cann is back on board as Head of Sales and Marketing at Permaplay Management since the end of September after her maternity and parental leave. She had started at Permaplay Media Solutions as a working student during her master's degree in "Electronic Media". She has been permanently on board in the Marketing and Sales department since October 2016. Findaria Sunardi-Cann: "I am very happy to be able to actively shape the POS landscape again with convincing concepts and services. Permaplay is excellently positioned for the future and numerous studies and market research show: Nothing beats personal, experiential shopping at the POS."


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