Newsletter no.3 issued October / 2020

Selling through networking


Baden-Baden, 26th October 2020

More than 70 percent of all consumers would like to see more service at the POS through digital technologies, according to the industry association Bitkom. Permaplay Media Solutions offers retailers a compelling, easy-to-install system for digital networking at the POS that includes existing displays.

This is what a successful customer journey looks like today in a sports shop in a pedestrian zone: A 55-inch Permaplay display in the shop window attracts the attention of passers-by. When customers enter the shop, another screen draws their attention to special offers and promotions, and a third screen in the direct vicinity of the product provides information and advertising videos to promote sales through emotional marketing. All content shown can be exchanged easily and quickly within a network with WLAN connection and adapted to news, price reductions and special offers.


Whether sporting goods flagship stores, DIY markets or food retailers: In order for the stationary trade to continue demonstrating their special attractiveness and appeal, the products must be presented in an aesthetically appealing and informative way that promotes sales and is highly relevant for customers. For Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Permaplay Media Solutions, the consequences are obvious: “In just about every industry, the retail industry today installs digital information and communication systems. On the one hand, e-commerce competition is driving digitalization at the POS, and on the other hand, high-performance modern WLAN networks enable the systems to be used economically.”

Networked digitalization at the POS is fully in line with the trend: According to a survey conducted by the digital association Bitkom in autumn 2019, 73 percent of all Internet users in Germany would like to see more service through digital technologies when shopping in stationary retail outlets. The desire for WLAN in shops or shopping centers is at the forefront with 40 percent. Younger people in particular would like to surf the Internet via WLAN while shopping: 56 percent of the 16 to 29-year-olds say this, while the figure is still 27 percent among those over 65. Transparency is also becoming increasingly important: For example, 28 percent of those surveyed say that when shopping in stores they would like to have more information on the manufacturing or production conditions of individual products, for example on their tablet or smartphone.



Permaplay Media Solutions offers retailers a complete line of network-compatible display devices ranging from 10” to 55” in size, as well as Permaplay Network Signage and related software. This enables the central management of video content and control via the Internet (LAN/WLAN) and the control of the screens via a central software. All POS functions such as automatic start when power is supplied or the storage of set values such as volume can be used without restriction. The installation of the monitors according to VESA standard is of course possible.


In addition, the Permaplay screens, which are usually located at the POS, can be made network-compatible very easily using an additional Android player. Findaria Sunardi, Marketing and Sales Manager Permaplay Media Solutions: “The Permaplay Android Player networks already existing displays, even in large numbers, with all their functions via a cloud. It has never been easier to transform the POS into a digital, sales-active and above all emotional area. Update and monitor your POS screens daily and comfortably from home.” And so the screens can be easily controlled, monitored and updated via the Internet. As already mentioned, this is very much in vogue.


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