Newsletter no. 3 Issued June / 2023

Networked POS media offer full sales power


Baden-Baden, 1st of June, 2023

In 2023, it is still common practice in the retail business to update the POS media content via USB stick. This means that operators are giving away many of the benefits that lie in digitally networking POS media. One of the best approaches is using digital advertising displays like those offered by Permaplay Digital Solutions to inform customers about products and to promote current offers.

Permaplay Media Solutions offers retailers a complete network-ready display device series in sizes from 10" to 55", as well as the Permaplay Network Signage with corresponding software.  


This enables central management of video content and control via the Internet (LAN/WLAN), as well as control of the screens via central software. A network solution is also available for older generations of devices: Most of the Permaplay media already available at the POS can easily be made network-compatible via an additional Android player.

The player connects existing displays – no matter how many – with all their functions via a cloud. "It has never been easier to transform the POS into a digital, sales-active and, above all, emotional space," says Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Permaplay Digital Solutions.


Why is a functioning POS media network so important? Whether lifestyle flagship stores, DIY markets or food retailers: to benefit from their special appeal and attraction, they must present products in an inspiring and ambitious way, aesthetically appealing, and they must provide highly relevant information for the customers to promote sales.


And this works best with networked POS media. According to Germany's digital industry association Bitkom, POS media are the latest trend: 73 percent of all Internet users in Germany would like to see more services provided by digital technologies when shopping in retail stores. "Those who are not there are giving away a great opportunity for economic success," says Findaria Cann, Permaplay Digital Solutions’ Marketing and Sales Manager.

Networked digital technologies and applications provide important services at the point of sale and significantly enhance the shopping experience. They offer numerous advantages, which pay off in terms of the "convenience" factor, which makes shopping so enjoyable, and fulfil many other customer expectations: Employees can be supported in providing sales advice, product ranges can be digitally expanded, the store environment becomes more attractive, and customers spend more time in the store.



Using digital media at the point of sale can highlight what makes successful stationary shopping so unique and what distinguishes it from online retailing: personal advice and a multisensory shopping experience.


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