Newsletter no. 2 Issued May / 2024

Consumer climate turns positive - Launch your POS media offensive now!


Baden-Baden, 16th of May 2024



The number of CEOs who believe that economic growth will improve in the coming twelve months compared to the same period last year has more than doubled. This is confirmed by the latest annual Global CEO Survey by PwC.


And the ifo Institute is also reporting these days that the mood among companies in Germany has improved. The ifo Business Climate Index continued to rise in April. Companies are more satisfied with current business. Expectations are also brightening.


As comparable scenarios from recent years show, this optimism among the economic elite will also filter through to broad sections of consumers in a few months' time. “That's why it's important right now to benefit from rising consumer momentum at an early stage and to get off to a flying start with the right strategy for media at the POS,” says Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Permaplay Media Solutions.



In neighboring countries, according to Vogt, consumer optimism is already much more advanced: “In France, Italy and Switzerland, we have designed and successfully implemented a large number of new POS media projects in recent weeks. We are sure that now is the right time in Germany to be part of the increase in consumption.”


And why will POS media play a significant role in this development? Firstly, because customers are increasingly enjoying shopping in stores again. And secondly, because customers increasingly want anonymous, yet comprehensive and competent advice via in-store media.


“Many consumers no longer want to be approached directly when they enter a store. They want to shop without any pressure and still get all the product information they need. These customers are perfectly supported by our POS media such as the LCD bars or the complete lineup of our linear devices,” says Werner Vogt.



Permaplay LCD bars are particularly effective and efficient as networked systems, centrally controlled via the cloud on the Android platform, and can be updated with the latest information at any time. Of course, new content can also be uploaded to these devices on site via USB.


This is true for most Permaplay LCD screens currently in use at the POS which can also be updated via the cloud using the Permaplay media player.



Particularly positive synergy effects arise in retail through the networking of POS media. Permaplay Media Solutions offers retailers a complete range of network-compatible display devices from 10" to 55" in size as well as Permaplay Network Signage with the corresponding software.


This enables centralized management of content and control via the Internet (LAN/WLAN) as well as control of the screens via central software. In addition, most Permaplay screens at the POS can easily be made network-compatible via an additional Android Player.


Permaplay’s Android Player connects existing displays with all their functions via a cloud, even a large number of them. Werner Vogt: “It has never been so easy to transform the POS into a digital, sales-active and, above all, emotional space. And now is exactly the right time to launch a concerted POS media offensive.”


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