Newsletter no.2 issued May / 2020

Creating strong shopping experiences with POS media


Baden-Baden, 25th May 2020

Successful sales at the POS are significantly linked to “having fun shopping”. This is shown, among other things, by the current Corona trade tracker by EY-Parthenon and Innofact: 63 percent of the consumers regularly surveyed say that shopping is no fun under the current circumstances.

The cause is obvious: Masks, minimum distances, long queues, and other restrictions are clearly taking the fun out of shopping. 58 percent of those surveyed said they had not yet been to reopened stores. “A missing shopping experience has massive consequences on sales,” Permaplay CEO Werner Vogt knows from many conversations with customers these days. “The best way for retailers to trigger the shopping fun factor is to use POS media for strong customer shopping experiences.”


Permaplay offers a particularly effective portfolio of selected POS media solutions for a high-level shopping experience – and thanks to forward-looking planning, it can deliver all linear media. The Permaplay portfolio for “more shopping experience” at the POS in detail: Linear LCD monitors of the professional and standard line, interactive POS media and networked Android POS media systems in sizes from 7” to 55”, each with or without touch function.

There are also special models for display and shop fitters (Open Frame 10” and 15”), space-saving cardboard displays (7” and 10”), eye-catching customer stoppers (32” and 43”), bar displays as well as video brochure and video box. Brand new are digitally networkable Permaplay mini-display bars based on Android technology. This digital bar attracts a lot of attention and promotes the customer’s purchase decision directly at eye level. Changing colored information or videos in best quality provide additional buying impulses directly at the product.


Also new are the Permaplay L-type screens in the sizes 16” and 21.5”. These digital displays in 16:9 format attract special attention at selective POS points such as shelves or counters and offer state-of-the-art technology for multifunctional use: linear or Android TS stand-alone or networked, easy settings through remote controller, built-in speakers, support for all popular photo and video formats, WiFi and Bluetooth, auto-playback and much more. This device also convinces with its attractive design.


Permaplay currently has over 100,000 screens in daily use in Europe. And there's a reason for that: “Our customers’ trust is the result of our products and services – and is ultimately based on the fact that we create real added value,” says Findaria Sunardi, responsible marketing and sales manager at Permaplay Media Solutions. “If the POS becomes a creative living space through intelligent use of media, offering individual and sustainable shopping experiences, then significant sales are possible even in restrictive times like these.”

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