Newsletter no. 2 Issued March / 2023

Shelf LCD screens and linear touchscreen monitors


Baden-Baden, 21st of March, 2023

The high level of visitor interest during the latest EuroShop 2023 trade fair shows that POS media in general and Permaplay Media Solutions' shelf LCD screens and linear touchscreen monitors in particular are in line with the trend for contemporary retail marketing.


"EuroShop traditionally acts as a driving force for the retail industry. Hundreds of interested visitors have visited our booth over five days and they have sent us a very clear message: The use of functioning, innovative and fascinating POS media to effectively stimulate product sales is high on the list of priorities of decision-makers in retail and brand management. This is especially true when consumers are reluctant to spend because of inflation fears," according to Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Permaplay Media Solutions.



There's no question, customers will always love to immerse themselves into exciting worlds of adventure in stationary stores and being addressed on an emotional level. On the other hand, however, they don’t want to miss the convenience and speed of online shopping, which is why digitalization has increased significantly in almost all areas of retail. Moreover, there is a clear trend toward classy, high-quality store fixtures with additional information provided on screens, according to Werner Vogt.

Permaplay's range of digital POS media currently includes the Professional and Standard lines of linear LCD monitors, interactive POS media and networked Android POS media systems in sizes from 7" to 55" with touch function.



Currently, there is a great interest in Permaplay’s shelf LCD screens (P23KD01LCDBAR) with built-in interactive system based on Android: these systems generate a lot of attention at the POS by displaying the products directly at eye level to trigger a positive purchase decision. Updates are easily made via USB stick, WLAN or the cloud.

Sustainability was also an important factor at EuroShop and still is increasingly at the POS in retail stores – also with regard to the use of POS media and the power consumption of screens. Findaria Sunardi-Cann, Sales and Marketing Manager of Permaplay Media Solutions, explains: "All Permaplay LCD monitors are equipped with LED backlight. This means particularly low power consumption. For example, a 10" screen consumes only 1 KW in 350 hours (equivalent to more than a month of store hours). A much larger 21.5" screen consumes 1 KW in a full 55 hours, which is one week of store hours."



Permaplay has a positive outlook on 2023 for brick-and-mortar retail. However: "The attractiveness of the POS will not be ensured just like that. What is needed are creative concepts, innovative technologies and pro-active implementation by motivated teams. We at Permaplay are ready to be your partners to reach our common goal: a successful year," Werner Vogt assures all interested parties.


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