Newsletter no.2 issued Mai / 2019 for fashion

Digital Signage is big in fashion


Baden-Baden, 2nd of May 2019


Stationary fashion trade is under pressure from online competition. The solution: Interactive worlds of experience through digital signage promise enthusiastic customers at the POS. Permaplay Media Solutions helps with the implementation through a perfectly coordinated three-part practical concept for a sales-active customer journey.

Digital stoppers with constantly changing offers in front of the business premises, interactive stands and displays distributed at strategically located points in the shop, showing pictures and films of fashion shows of those brands sold in the shop provide a true fashion feeling: “To promote sales in your fashion boutique, you have to address your customers in a professional manner right in front of the shop door and accompany your customers on their journey through the products to the checkout,” recommends Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Permaplay Media Solutions.



More and more fashion stores are focusing on addressing their customers with all their senses, without neglecting personalized advice. Werner Vogt: “Such a solution is a good way to bring the strengths of online retailing to the stationary market to enhance the overall brand experience.”

However, the investment in large-format screens alone does not significantly increase sales. What is needed is the implementation of comprehensive retail concepts, taking into account current and future technologies. Findaria Sunardi, Marketing and Sales Manager at Permaplay: “A prerequisite for the successful implementation of a digital signage system at the POS is exact planning and setting clear objectives.

That means, first of all, defining the target group, the degree of innovation, the type of advertising and last but not least the concrete budget.” And, of course, the perfect coordination of the contents: “Nothing is more counterproductive than the so-called display blindness,” says Werner Vogt. “Because in our particularly visual world, consumers often receive more information than they can process.

The result: “Filters” are activated in our brain which consistently suppress intrusive information.” Therefore, Permaplay Media Solutions offers their customers in the fashion world complete solutions that personally address, inform and actively stimulate customers so they can deal with the advertised product without being visually overwhelmed. The campaign addresses all senses.




The customer journey at the POS starts in front of the store with the digital Permaplay Floor-Stand series. This series, made of hardened glass, impresses with its elegant design. It is available as a linear model with playback video via matching MPEG player or as an interactive touchscreen model including playback apps for the Android system. The Permaplay Floor-Stand series is available in 32”, 49” or 55” sizes.

The Permaplay Digital Stopper continues to attract customers' attention in the retail store. Its great advantage besides easy handling, robustness and design: It allows customers to advertise the right offer at the right time and thus significantly boosts sales. Werner Vogt: “That means in practice: The offer can be modified according to target group, time of day or season and thus leads to a very precise customer address. The interactivity of the stoppers in turn helps prospective customers to clarify their personal needs and wishes and thus leads to a concrete purchase decision.”



The third element in the Fashion-Customer-Journey are Permaplay’s Ultra Wide LCD screens featuring full HD resolution and a slim, exceptionally attractive design in a slim black metal housing. They are available in all standard sizes and special formats. Their function within the overall concept is above all to create a fashion-enthusiastic atmosphere, for example by playing videos of interesting fashion shows.



To sum up: Digital signage has a great potential for triggering positive purchasing decisions at the POS in the fashion retail business – all the more so, the more precise the information communicated matches the individual needs of each customer. Several studies have also found that digital signage systems increase the time customers spend in the store and this may trigger additional impulse purchases. Permaplay Media Solutions also sees significant benefits in these POS solutions, such as improved service quality through the combination of personal and digital advice and, as described above, improved effectiveness through real-time updates based on customer groups, season, time of day or other factors.

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