Newsletter no.1 January / 2022

Ten years of effective media power at the POS


Baden-Baden, January 31, 2022

For a decade, Permaplay Media Solutions GmbH in Baden-Baden has been one of the leading developers and providers of sales-motivational POS media. Their formula for success: Recognizing trends at the POS, finding technically mature solutions and providing partners with as much added value as possible. What does Permaplay offer its customers in its anniversary year?


"It’s a truism that commerce is changing, and this is becoming more and more obvious these days," notes Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Permaplay Media Solutions. "Today, the customer journey begins primarily online on the smartphone and increasingly leads to ordering the goods online – unless there are good reasons to enter a POS. These reasons must include added values and benefits that are then definitely redeemed at the POS. Modern, networked media are of crucial importance, as they present the real product in a digital-media-supported environment."

Permaplay Media Solutions has been providing proven solutions for a successful extension of personalized in-store communications for ten years. During this time, more than 30,000 stores have been equipped with Permaplay products and more than 150,000 POS monitors are in use every day in Europe's retail stores. The goal: Bringing the online and offline worlds together and creating an emotional shopping experience for the end consumer. The technology should be discreetly integrated and intuitive to use – and ultimately not only trigger a buying experience, but also support the customer in after sales.


"The pressure on retailers to transform towards experiential venues is increasing," says Werner Vogt. Because consumer behavior is changing significantly and quickly. Young consumers in particular are increasingly buying directly from manufacturers, bypassing both traditional retailers and "classic" online retailers. On average, 41 percent of consumers worldwide have purchased directly from a manufacturer in the past six months. Around two-thirds of customers (60 percent) cite a better shopping experience as the reason for this, according to a Capgemini study. This study also shows, however, that retail still has a good chance: 72 percent of respondents plan to return to "significant levels" of brick-and-mortar retail shopping once the pandemic is over. Older consumers ("baby boomers") in particular miss shopping in person in real stores (76 percent), but two-thirds of Generation Z also want to shop more in retail stores again as soon as the pandemic situation allows – and if shopping offers a genuine experience.





What consumers used to demand in terms of technological options mainly for their online purchases, they now also want to be offered in stationary retail. This primarily includes displays that show customer reviews, photos and videos. Various surveys in Germany show: 32 percent of respondents want to see this on displays in stores. And there is a good reason for this: "Due to store closures, consumers primarily purchased online and have become accustomed to the comprehensive additional information provided by ratings, reviews and visual content from other consumers. Now, just as naturally, they want to access this information at retail stores. Permaplay POS media are the ideal solution for implementing these consumer wishes professionally and effectively, thus ensuring the entrepreneurial success of retailers," Werner Vogt has learned in many discussions with well-known customers.


The change in retail is also visible elsewhere: Pop-up stores, i.e. temporary shops in unusual surroundings, are still in vogue. Brands like to use this POS variant to test new concepts. The primary aim is to create an extraordinary, unexpected experience for urban customers. The main challenge lies primarily in individual POS design – and the integration of digital POS media. "We're already seeing a lot of surprising, forward-looking concepts here," says Werner Vogt. "The individual pop-up store could evolve from a POS outsider to an urban retail standard, especially as an extension of e-commerce. According to EHI, 57 percent of the thousand top-selling online shops also operate brick-and-mortar stores with digital media connections such as shelf LCD screens. The slim format of these media makes them ideal for placement on shelves without interfering with product presentation. Permaplay Media Solutions offers a sophisticated, comprehensive range of such POS solutions – not just for shelf placement. The content is easily controlled and rolled out via WLAN and a content management system. Werner Vogt: "It's fantastic to see how today's brick-and-mortar POS is being taken to a whole new level through a combination of innovative, experiential store design as well as service-oriented media. In the end, the decisive factor for all concepts is the added value for the customers, for the respective target groups. This creates a whole new digital-media-connected alliance of consumers, retailers and brands."

Ten years of Permaplay, that's ten years of hard work for a great shopping experience thanks to an extremely effective portfolio of selected POS media solutions such as linear LCD monitors of the Professional and Standard line, interactive POS media and networked Android POS media systems in sizes from 7" to 55", each with or without touch function. In addition, there are special models for display and store builders (Open Frame 10" and 15"), space-saving cardboard displays (7" and 10"), attention-grabbing customer stoppers (32" and 43"), bar displays, and digitally networkable Permaplay mini display bars, based on Android technology. Werner Vogt: "The more shopping behavior and consumer expectations towards retailers change, the more important optimal POS media become as hubs of all information flows. If the POS today and tomorrow becomes a creative living space through the intelligent use of media, offering individualized and sustainable shopping experiences, then retail is moving into an extremely positive future."


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