Newsletter no. 1 Issued February / 2024

Networked LCD screens at the POS: Making more (sales) with less (consumers)


Baden-Baden, 26th of February 2024

Consumers‘ cautious spending mood coupled with a deteriorating situation in German city centers – Germany‘s retailers‘ association (HDE) is currently sounding the alarm: According to their forecast, another 5,000 stores in Germany will (have to) close their doors for good in 2024.

This means that a total of 46,000 stores have closed in the past five years. For retail companies to be successful despite less customer frequency, this means generating more sales per customer at the POS. Special POS media are the key to increasing per capita sales at the POS. Permaplay Media Solutions has been successfully designing and implementing systems for retail and industrial customers for many years which specifically meet the needs of consumers when shopping:

Finding what they want quickly, a fairly large selection within the respective product category, quick orientation at the POS and, above all, specific information about the products, including prices, directly on the goods themselves.


The new, networked Permaplay LCD bars, updatable at any time, are a special sales booster. The digital LCD screens, about 60 or 90 cm long, create a high level of attention directly at the shelf, encourage spontaneous purchases and contribute greatly to the customers’ „convenience factor“.

Using digital media at the point of sale can therefore highlight what makes successful brick- and-mortar shopping so unique and distinguishes it from e-commerce: personal advice combined with a multi-sensory shopping experience.


„With networked Permaplay LCD bars it is easier than ever for retailers to transform the POS into a digital, sales-promoting and exciting area,“ says Werner Vogt, Managing Director of Permaplay Media Solutions.

Benefits for retailers: Permaplay LCD bars are designed so compact that they do not take up valuable shelf space. The sturdy metal housing and the electronic components, tested for suitability for the point of sale, guarantee a long, trouble-free service life.



Permaplay LCD bars are particularly effective and efficient as networked systems, centrally controlled via the cloud on the Android platform, and can be updated with the latest information at any time. Of course, new content can also be uploaded to these devices on site via USB.


This is true for most Permaplay LCD screens currently in use at the POS which can also be updated via the cloud using the Permaplay media player.



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