Newsletter no.1 issued April-May / 2021

Preparing a perfect relaunch with the Permaplay POS media strategy


Baden-Baden, 22nd of April 2021

Any moment now: The lock-down phase is over, stores are opening across the board, and consumers are doing what they have missed for so long with enthusiasm and passion: Shopping in person at the POS. Social and economic life is picking up again. Werner Vogt, Managing Director Permaplay GmbH: “For retailers and suppliers, that means: Prepare the restart perfectly at the POS to make the most of the positive consumer climate. And this is achieved above all through the sales-promoting use of modern media such as the digitally networkable Permaplay shelf LCD screens and many other networked POS media offered by Permaplay.”

The digital shelf LCD screens, which are about 60 cm wide, attract a high level of attention at the sales shelf and stimulate consumers' purchasing decisions directly at eye level. Information through text or video provides additional buying impulses in the best quality, directly at the goods. This ensures brand visibility and provides valuable information about the product – a combination that inevitably results in actual sales. Easy to use and digitally networkable, they are an effective tool for modern POS communication.

Speaking of networking: Permaplay Media Solutions offers retailers a complete network-compatible display device series from 10” to 55” in size, as well as the Permaplay Network Signage with corresponding software. This enables the central management of video content and control via the Internet (LAN/WLAN), as well as the control of the screens through central software. This can be of particular importance when the number of field service visits to stores has to be kept to a minimum.



But the current Permaplay portfolio for the POS restart offers much more: Professional and standard line linear LCD monitors, interactive POS media and networked Android POS media systems in sizes from 7” to 55”, each with or without touch function. In addition, there are special models for display and store builders (Open Frame 10” and 15”), space-saving cardboard displays (7” and 10”), eye-catching customer stoppers (32” and 43”), bar displays as well as video brochures and video box.

Findaria Sunardi, Marketing and Sales Manager Permaplay Media Solutions, explains: “Right now, it is important to transform the POS back into a digital, sales-active and, above all, emotional space and thus return to its old sales strength.” Permaplay Digital Solutions offers its partners not only the right products and technologies, but also practicable concepts and fast, efficient service. To make the relaunch of the POS business a perfect success.

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